Youth Impact

Elder McArthur Shelton II, Youth Pastor

In times like these where the youth of North Central Florida are faced with so many issues; such as premarital sex, choosing the right college, making legal money or dope money, depression, low self esteem, single parent households. The body of Christ must have a sense of urgency in reaching out to our youth and providing them solutions to the issues they are faced with based on biblical principles, the word of God.

As a result, the Youth Impact of Upper Room of Greater Gainesville was formed to address these various needs and provide our youth with biblical principles that can guide them into adulthood. Our youth department plans several activities throughout the year that focus on discipleship, evangelism, education, fellowship, personal development and career resources. Some of our activities include visiting our local nursing homes, weekly bible study, a monthly youth day, open discussion rap sessions, resume workshops, budgeting seminars, discipleship training, amusement park trips and bowling tournaments to name a few.

•    Youth Ministry trains young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life is what “youth ministry” is about.

•    Youth Ministry is every effort to reach out to the youth with the love of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit – loving thy neighbor as we love ourselves.

•    Youth Impact is a church-wide ministry which strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw teens into active, responsible participation in life, mission, and the work of God.

•   Youth Impact is designed to help spiritually train and equip teens in a fun and Godly atmosphere to the Glory of God.

•    Youth Impact works to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person and seeks to draw young people into responsible participation in life, mission and the work of God.

•    Youth Impact is reaching out to young people to embrace their gifts and to walk with them in their process of becoming all they can be.

•    Youth Impact trains youth to develop a personal spirituality and prayer life, to participate in the Church, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

•   Youth Impact is fun, faith, and friends, usually with a little food and games as an extra bonus!

•    Youth Impact is a series of programs and activities to give young people a chance to participate in the Church, develop their own faith, spirituality, and discover new friendships.

Simply put, Youth Impact is the Church’s efforts to help each & every young person grow personally, professionally & most of all….spiritually.