Usher Board

The HUG Ministry of the Upper Room Church of God In Christ consists of a group of Hospitality, Ushers, and Greeters that are here to serve the guests and members.  The group will make sure that when one comes to the Ministry, they will treat you as God will.  HUG mission is to show love to our partners and guest so that the peace of God will be experienced at the Upper Room.  We will serve with joy, peace, and happiness in our heart.

The function of the Usher Board is:

  • To show hospitality, greet, meet, seat and serve the guests and members of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ.
  • To function as silent evangelist.
  • To set the tone for an experience at Upper Room COGIC.
  • To have welcoming attitude that prepares the heart to receive from the Lord.

The ushers at Upper Room COGIC take their jobs very seriously. Our church has been blessed with ushers who love their job, some of whom have been diligent in their service to the local, district, state and national services.  Among them is Minister Bruce Grimmage who is currently our Local President as well as our District President of the Greater Gainesville District.  Missionary Shirley Herbert serves as our local Assistant President.

Ushering at Upper Room is viewed as a service rendered to God and an act which plays a part in conducting the worship service. When the ushers gather in church to worship God, they do so to receive from Him grace and blessings through the Word and sacrament and to offer Him their sacrifices of prayer, praise and thanksgiving.
At Upper Room COGIC, the ushers are seen as a part of the worshipping congregation.  They know that there are particular acts to perform in the services, just like our Pastors, musicians, singers, and anyone else who renders service. What they do is not “as unto men, but unto God” (Col 3:23).  Each usher knows that everyone they greet, everyone they meet, everyone they seat, and everyone they serve should be done as unto the Lord for they are each representatives of our God.