A Street Called Straight

The purpose of this ministry is to open minds to choice, hope and recovery by offering reinforcing Christian-based recovery classes called Straight Talk every Sunday evening at 6pm.  In these confidential meetings, we use the 12 Steps to Victory curriculum and we also pray for recovering individuals.  We provide prayer for all who are struggling with, and in recovery from addictive illnesses.

Alcohol and Drugs are not the only addictive illnesses.  Gambling, over-eating and relationships can become addictive illnesses and rob people of self-esteem, family, housing, and employment.  Addiction destroys the human spirit.  Families are often driven to despair from guilt and shame.  Through this ministry we are reaching out in unison, acknowledging these illnesses, stimulating education and providing love and support to all who are afflicted.

From time to time, we also partner with our G.O. (God’s Outreach) Evangelistic Ministry and host a street service called Comfort Corner where we occupy a drug infested corner in our city offering food, prayer and loving words of encouragement to those that are struggling with drug addiction and trafficking.  Please check the calendar for our next Comfort Corner encounter.