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Project’s Design and Features

The Upper Room  Ministries’ project consists of a new sanctuary, a multi-purpose facility and a  storage facility with an attached clothes and pantry closet.  The sanctuary includes offices, classrooms,  nursery, and a balcony which houses the sound and video equipment.  The front entry contains a barrel shaped  design that continues into the foyer and culminates into a half circle  wall.  That architectural feature is  continued in the main sanctuary above the musical pit, choir stand, and  baptistery.  The multi-purpose facility  is set up to host various activities, is wired for a tutoring computer lab and  future plans include a nursery/daycare.   The site also includes three acres of undisturbed land that will house  phase II of the ministry.

Significance of the Project

In a world where  turmoil seems to be around every corner, on every radio station, and on every  news broadcast, there should be a place for individuals to go and let go of all  of the cares of the world even if it’s only for a few hours.  We hope that with this building, we have  given people from all communities of Gainesville and surrounding areas a place  that is pleasing to the eye but also a place of safe haven where those cares  and needs can be met.  We are here as a  ministry to not only have a beautiful building but to also serve the  community.  Serving the community is our  heart, serving the community is our passion, and this building only helps us to  better serve the community by giving us the facility resources to work  appropriately.

Persons Responsible

Owners-Upper Room  Ministries, Inc. Pastor Pearlie Shelton &  Pastor Karl Anderson P.O. Box   140027 Gainesville, FL 32614 Pastor Shelton-(352) 284-3704 Pastor Anderson-(352) 339-3851

Contractor- McArthur  Shelton/M. Shelton Construction 1801 NE 23rd Ave, G7 Gainesville,   FL 32609 Office-(352) 376-8852    Cell-(352) 665-8535

Architect- Spyros  Drivas 134 East Call St. Starke, FL 32091 (352) 283-4987

Site Engineer & Landscape Architect-James J. Meehan, P.  E. 1221    S.W. 96th St. Gainesville,   FL 32607 (352) 215-2548

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Pastor Karl Anderson,

My family and friends enjoyed ourselves thoroughly yesterday. My mom was indeed surprised! I must say that you could not have chosen a better  person than Mrs. Gloria Anderson to be apart of the hospitality ministry or whatever you call it for what she does. She began by letting me know that she was there to serve and to help my event be a success.  I never went wondering about anything that I couldn’t call or text her to ask about.  She made it very easy to communicate. When I got there everything was in place just as she mentioned early on that it would be.

Mr. Brewton and the other young lady that was there with him had already put the tables out and were there to be sure that I had everything that I needed and were so willing to help in moving things around etc. to  accommodate me. Young Mr. Shelton came and set up the projector and it  ran smoothly the whole time. For some reason the alarm started beeping and I called Mr. Brenton and he was jolly on the spot.  He and Big Mr. Shelton worked on it and had it solved before the guest arrived and weren’t even in the way of anything at that time.  Everyone was cordial beginning to end.  If there was anyone around that was not saved or have never had to work closely with people who know the Lord, their eyes will definitely be opened when working with the members of Upper Room Ministries Church of God in Christ!  I only have good things to say about the whole experience.

To God be the glory!  May He continue to bless you, your family and your church family!  I thank you all so much!