Adjutant Ministry

CHIEF ADJUTANT:  Deacon Bernard Howell

The Adjutant Ministry is a ministry of service.  Anyone who wishes to serve in the adjutancy can expect a life of servitude.  No adjutant looks forward to recognition, praise, honor, or even a courteous thank-you.  Often adjutants serve without any type of remuneration.

The reward of an adjutant is that of seeing the leaders properly situated and cared for.  Knowing that the leaders have been sanctified in the eyes of the people is the greatest praise that adjutant can receive.

The adjutancy also is a ministry of protocol.  The scripture tells us that “All things must be done in decency and in order”.

The adjutant’s most pressing concern is to make sure that everything is in order and according to protocol.  This may include seating, processional, securing proper quarters for visiting leaders and insuring the jurisdictional leader of proper honor and respect.