UR Tutorial and Mentorship Program

One of the innovative services developed by UR Community Impact Corporation (CIC) is a ‘Youth Impact’ program aimed at providing mentors who become role models for youth and families in need.

The Youth Impact mentors targeted their services to low income families living in subsidized housing. We examined profiles of families and youth in the Forest and Village Green neighborhoods and other in our fair city to determine the need for this service.

Many of the youth in this community indicated dealing with the following issues: pressures to engage in premarital sex, sell and/or use of substances, gang involvement, peer pressure, need for finances, depression, low self- esteem, trying to succeed in educational endeavors, choosing the right college and being in single parent households.

Our goal is to provide a mentor to youths for at least an academic year and beyond through multiple activities that focus on positively effecting thinking and behaviors, reaching educational goals, decision making, fellowship, fun activities, personal development and career resources all while engaging the family. Our ultimate goal is to not only impact the youth, but also the family so systemic changes can take place within the home.

The Youth Impact mentor will facilitate a bond between the mentee and family that create trust in the mentoring relationship. This is an important to actuate the changes we strive to see achieved in the mentee and family. Youth Impact mentors apply both practice and theory in how we approach the mentoring relationship.We provide individual and group activities and use evidenced based practices (Best Practices) that have been proven to be effective in other communities to structure how we interact and positively direct the youth and their families.

Youth Impact mentors believe that for helping young people succeed in life, mentoring works. It helps give young people the confidence, resources and skills they need to reach their potential.

We aim to match youngsters with caring, consistent and mentors outside of their families for the purpose of creating meaningful and supportive relationships that foster pro-social behaviors in young people.

The Youth Impact mentors will use six intervention components that encompass (1) engagement with the youth and their families; (2) provide orientation and objectives; (3) Develop goals and interest of the mentee and family; (4) Develop an agreement to meet together a minimum of 2 hours per week for individual activities, (5) conduct monthly weekend social and recreational activities for youth, their families, and mentors; and (6)Provide educational in group sessions that meet the individual goals using best practices.

Implementing these strategies will require a project coordinator, a part-time outreach special and at least one mentor for every one to three mentees. We have several programs that we operate: UR Youth Center and Performance Arts Academy, UR Fun! Summer Camp and our UR Afterschool Tutorial and Mentorship Program.

UR Afterschool Tutorial and Mentorship Program is the program that we are partnering with Village and Forest with. We desire your help as we help improve the educational goals of our area youth.

In addition, we aim to match youngsters with caring, consistent and competent adults outside of their families for the purpose of creating meaningful and supportive relationships that foster pro-social behavior in young people.

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